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Learn in a variety of ways 


For many people attending a workshop may seem a daunting and stressful event. What if I am out of my depth? What if everyone is more advanced and more confident than me? There are a lot of fears and questions that can hold you back from participating in a workshop but the benefits can far outweigh these fears. Here are some of those benefits.


At Platform3 we want to pass on our passion for photography and creativity. If you are a newcomer to the world of photography or you are a veteran looking to advance your skills and knowledge even further, we have the courses designed for you.

Private tuition

For many people the format of course based learning may not be suitable for a number of reasons. You may not feel comfortable in a group situation, you may only want to focus your learning about specific topics or you may prefer a quicker, more targeted style of learning with instant feedback. We can discuss your specific requirements and formulate a plan tailored to your needs.