Outdoor Photo day at Fota Gardens

One-day Outdoor Workshop in Fota House Gardens and Arboretum with Mike Brown – Saturday 24th June 2023

Practice your core photo skills and learn the art of “Contemplative and Mindful Photography”

The day:

Location: This workshop will be based in the Gardens and Arboretum at Fota House.
This is a wonderful place to practice your photography, brush-up on your core camera skills and enjoy a day of “contemplative photography” to clean the soul. Make images at your pace and of what you want – with Mike there to guide and advise on what works but letting you find your own “voice” in your images. The gardens are packed full of photo opportunities within a short walk of the car park and offers wonderful opportunities to enjoy “slow and mindful” photography.  Mike will help you any time you need it and will also suggest the idea that photography is for you – and not for judges in photo competitions [although there should be possibilities for this if that’s what you want!] – Try anything from ICM [intentional camera movement] to out of focus landscapes or pin sharp floral photography!

We will keep the day relaxed with a start time of 10am and go through until about 5pm. We will take a break for lunch at the restaurant at Fota house [this will be at the participants discretion] – but if you prefer to bring your own packed lunch this is perfect too. 

Park in the main Car Park [bring some coins for exit cost – €3 euros [I think] in €1 and €2 coins.  Meet between 10am and 10.15 at the entrance to the Wildlife park and we will walk the short walk down to the gardens.

Expert guidance and tuition from Mike during the whole day.

Who this workshop is for:
Our photo days are for all levels of SLR/Mirrorless photographer. BUT – you can bring a good compact camera too which should suffice for most things here. Whether you are just starting with digital photography or are very experienced, photographer there will be something for you. All the opportunities will offer any photographer a challenge and a chance to make interesting and beautiful images. Mike will be on hand to assist or teach and can do some 1-to-1 with participants during the day. With over 30 years experience as a professional photographer and extensive teaching experience, Mike can answer most questions in an easy to understand manner. While most digital users [and Mike] will shoot Raw format image there is no problem if you wish to shoot Jpegs and Mike will assist you in making the most of either format. 
A digital [or film if you prefer] SLR or Mirrorless camera, or even a Compact or Bridge camera, and whatever lenses you have available. Wide angles, short telephotos and a Macro if you have one should suffice for most subject matter. If in doubt call or email us. Mike will answer any questions about your equipment suitability if you contact him by email 
Filters: Maybe a Polariser if you want to try one but it’s not necessary. 
A tripod would generally be considered to be very useful [or possibly essential for this type of workshop but it is NOT compulsory! Mike is open to people using their cameras hand-held for different artistic effects and more free shooting. If you don’t own a tripod and would like to use one we may have one you can borrow for the day – please contact Mike before the workshop.
Contact Mike regarding any question regarding gear any time.
  • One-day  Outdoor Photography Workshop in Fota House Gardens and Arboretum with Mike Brown
    Who is this for: All levels after total beginner [see above].
    Tutor: Mike Brown
    Location: Fota House and Gardens, Fota Island, Cork. 
    Dates: Saturday June 24th 2023
    Places available: 6  
  • PRICE: €125.00
  • Booking with Full payment. Please contact Mike for payment possibilities

For bookings and any other info please contact Mike on 0868295039 or email him at: mike@mikebrownphotography.com 

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