Private tuition

Our Mission

To assist all levels of photographers and creatives to expand their knowledge and reach their goals.

Recent testimonial from a client

“I have had a general interest in photography for quite a while. After purchasing a new camera I thought it was time that I got some proper tuition on how to use it to it’s full potential. I found Platform3photo through a conversation on a Facebook photographers group and discovered that they provide basic photography courses, Private Tuition and much more. I signed up and it has been a life changing experience. I feel now that I am never going to stop learning. Dave and Mike guide you through each stage and explain everything in clear simple terms. Their passion for photography is the best motivation. I would highly recommend Platform3photo to anyone who wants to learn, improve and enjoy their photography!” Arnolda

private tuition the benifits

  • The student has the undivided attention of their tutor.
  • The tutor has more opportunity to engage with the Student.
  • The student then has more control of the pace of the delivery.
  • Higher probability that the student will gain more from the tuition.
  • Time to develop a productive relationship with one another.
  • The Student’s needs can be addressed more fully and there is more flexibility in timing and structure.
  • The tutor is able to focus on that single student and doesn’t have to worry about a group.
  • The tutor can focus more on the student’s needs and pin-point development and problem areas.

Tuition can cover anything from the basics of getting started with your camera to anything required by more advanced photographers. The content will be designed around the specific areas that you wish to focus on.  Some possibilities below:

  • Camera equipment & accessories.
  • Image Quality (ISO & File formats).
  • F-stops, Shutter speeds and ISO.
  • Controlling depth of field and capturing motion.
  • Downloading images from camera to computer.
  • Basic Photoshop and Lightroom skills.
  • Focusing.
  • Exposure.
  • Metering modes.
  • White Balance.
  • Basic Composition.
  • Exposure compensation.

Lessons are a mixture of classroom based tutorials, practical demonstrations and hands on practice.

Both Mike and Dave are available for Private Tuition sessions to book email us at or contact 

Mike on 086 8295039 or Dave on 083 3179840