Understanding Black and White !

Platform3 is delighted to announce an afternoon workshop in Cork city, looking at working on the core skills for making great Black and White images.

Understanding Black and White photography is on Saturday April 1st from 2.30pm to 5.30pm with Mike Brown leading the workshop.

Starting with a short introductory session in the studio to get cameras set up and chat about what we will be looking to achieve, we will then venture out into the city local to the studio to see what can be achieved by anyone with a camera in any locality.

The emphasis will be to learn how to “See in Black and White”. Not everyone can do this instinctively but Mike will assist you in understanding what works in B&W – and WHY! This short, afternoon workshop is designed to give you a look at ways of working without colour and making simple yet striking images.

Texture, Contrast, Structure and a host of other things can help or hinder a Black and White view of the world but when you master it , the results can be wonderful.

This Workshop will be limited to just 6 photographers [minimum 3] at a cost of €75 per photographer. Places MUST be pre-booked – see below

To book a place on this Workshop please contact Mike on 0868295039 or email us at platform3photo@gmail.com